Christmas lists? In September? There’s a war on!

Against the dragons of not being paid for my writing that lurk beyond the circle of the fire of competence. If it’s war they want, they’ll get it. On Christmas!

I’m buying a Personal plan then, if everything goes well.

Upcoming features you can look forward to:

  • A weekly blog and link roundup
  • Open threads like on Scott Alexander’s blog
  • More scheduled fiction
  • The Book of Souls review has been delayed a bit. I find that to appreciate Iron Maiden truly, especially the later stuff, you have to kind of stew in it a bit. Let it burn in the alembic until it distills and bastes your spirit with metal!!!!! Crap. Now I’m hungry.
  • A report from Bowling Fall League on next Thursday night or Friday morning/afternoon through the middle of May
  • The Chicago Cubs 2015 Playoff Chase — Rizzo, Bryant, Arrieta, Coghlan. Parsons, Cameron, Lovell, Conrad. I’ve never been so excited about baseball, and I was raised on Ron and Pat calling it over 720 every afternoon on our radio, in Rockford, Illinois.
  • Field report — September 15, Lubbock, Texas — the Doctor Who theatrical special from Fathom Events. Dark Water and Death In Heaven in 3D, a prequel short to Season 9, and Wil Wheaton (I will have my opinions laterSHUTUPWESLEY gah oh well) interviewing Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi. That’s gonna be an epic date.
  • Season 9 Doctor Who reviews and recaps
  • All the fan theories
  • this face! Who frowned me this face! It’s like I’m trying to tell myself something!
  • “never let him see the damage” at Christmas. O god.
  • Clara with a rocket launcher!!!!!
  • I like Doctor Who better than baseball :O
  • at some point, a review and analysis feature for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
  • Cooking Mama, Hosted by Quelinda (I’ll let Linda name the feature and pick a username, but somebody gotta show you guys how to make tamales :O) My wife can cook. It’ll be good. This feature courtesy of Dale Sharpe in the comments!
  • Updates from me and Linda’s second anniversary vacation in Santa Fe, September 26-28
  • Probably dog and cat pictures and antics for all you weirdos out there in Funny Animal Meme Land
  • I’ll even work on twisting my brother’s arm and getting you guys a programming feature or some original YA fantasy…kid needs a role model. I did not say you, reader. Put down the Maker’s Mark. wait that’s me. Fooey.
  • I keep coming up with things that need to go on this list and forgetting lol. But I’m sure you get the idea. Keep your eyes peeled!

As always, if there’s something you’d like to see, something you wouldn’t like to see, something you’d like to say, comment or shoot me an email. I think I have an email link here somewhere. If not say so and I’ll add one. What am I, your mom? 😛

I’m trying to vary the sarcastic funny guy style as well. That’s gonna get old real fast lol. But it’s the only way I can do promotion. I’m sure you writers know that feel. Thanks for taking the time to hang!


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