Eternity Never Faileth

Well, I have got my hands on an MP3 copy of Iron Maiden’s new album The Book of Souls. I’m listening all the way through before I go track by track. Only reason I didn’t buy the deluxe edition 2-CD was that they didn’t seem to be able to guarantee auto-rip with Amazon, it’s not in stock currently, and my computer’s CD drive doesn’t work. In fact, I’m pretty sure one of my RAM sticks is going. So while I digest and get ready to write that review, a slight diversion…into the wide world of Sports!

I’m not a sports person. I really am not. I’m a Chicago Cubs fan and I love bowling, which I don’t think is a sport lol. Not really. I agree with Carlin on that. although it’s not because you buy the shoes. It’s because if it was a sport it wouldn’t be any fun. :p similarly, this is how I reconcile the Cubs being a professional sports team. If they played professional sports. they’d be boring! Lucky for me then they’re walloping the D-Backs 12-2 in the bottom of the 5th lol. Rizzo with a grand slam, Baez with a 2-run HR, and that’s the tail end of the rampage. They’re probably ahead of that. I haven’t checked At-Bat lol.

But we needed this game to restore our confidence, our flow, our ability to steer like a rocket is guided by a gyroscope. Otherwise we can’t win the World Series and the Apocalypse won’t happen. That’s what an Apocalypse is, really. It’s loving yourself and being confident in your skill and worth enough to go Back To The Future, end the world, and then play two. It’s the meek in the outfield bleeder seats, under a natural ground cover of ivy, drowning in Old Style, not caring if they ever come back.
Same with bowling. There’s a fine line between skill and the inner wu-wei state that makes skill happen. They’re cybernetic feedback loops, a True Will whose Terminus we share with our future selves. You spend your life building the Resistance, training to be the John Connor your dad told your mom about before you were born…then you get to the end and find all this talk of fate is a lie against self. There is none but what we make. And skill leads you to stop making the fate where the robots win.

Fuck it, dude. Let’s go bowling. Let’s play two. Mastery. That’s all it is. A lazy day with Iron Maiden and your blog, the wife too tuckered to go do some needed but non-critical errands…renewing the world. Strange things happen when you believe that baseball games are responsible in some way for the fate of the universe. That a goat can be used to curse something as mundane as a baseball team. That Odin cares about your bowling game. One of them is that you become confident enough in who and Why you are that you return to one of the things you’re good at..blogging. Making friends. I suspect I’ve already done that at least once today. I’m a writer. It’s not right to keep that suppressed. But it only became suppressed as a talent or an interest because I had to balance reality with fiction, inspiration with pressure to sell work. That’s why I’m sharing this with you guys. The publishing industry these days doesn’t run on money. Books are made of souls, and I’m not selling mine no matter who buys.

Let’s play two.

PS: Jim Gaffigan is better at everything than Carlin, and his take on bowling proves it. He’s my kind of guy.


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