RoboAnthroWar: A cool Asimov does Terminator piece over on Omni Reboot

RAW (RoboAnthroWar)

The Google Chrome app AddThis sent this my way. I’m gonna start using it more often, but it doesn’t have a WordPress button. Why? Y U NO HAS DIS KEY FEATURE OF USE :O :O :O So dumb. (I have many syntactic gestalts, all part of one intelligence divine and expressive. The  fire rises…#3purple5me)

But this is cool, because I found a free site with more fiction. And I keep reading fiction of actually quite good quality, with awesome ideas that are still schlocky enough to be Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles fanfic…and I go “I write TSCC stuff. I could have written this!”

Maybe I friggin’ will. >:D


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