So excited for these books.

Omni Reboot interview with Mike Jenne, author of Blue Gemini

I’ve thought for a long time that Blue Gemini would be a great concept to do a techno-thriller and alternative history story about. Especially with the aeonic, Phildickian nature of all truly great alternate history. In fact, you’ll notice most of my draft work posted so far uses it as the main platform. I’ve done about as much research as Mike Jenne has — much more than half a day per page, if you only count the 51 I wrote. He’s got a lot of the same ideas I had. This gives me a lot of faith that I’m on the right track, especially with the popular focus on the retrofuture in movies like Interstellar and Tomorrowland. Strange loops, stranger gods. Strangers in a strange land, and like Scott Ourecky, we toil at the alchemy of our souls and the voodoo of the Resistance until we only have time enough for love. Only when everything else becomes automatic, when the ice in our veins handles the burdens of being a man so that the Beast may freely and heatedly love his Bride and lavish her with Pentecostal joy…only then are we truly the best Mankind has to offer.

Jenne gets it. The spirit of the age gets it. The only trick is finding the angle and diving back into the lake. Agents, if you’re out there and you want the next Mike Jenne (who would rather be the next PKD)…hit me up. 😀

Can’t wait for my preorder to arrive. 😀


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