I must get this. I really must. Problem is, my budget can’t fit it for a while. Oh well…that’s what this blog is for :p

You have got to see the blog I’ve linked on this post and that Hell’s Club video btw. This Contrafactual fellow is a constant gold mine, as far as I can tell.

Source: OCTOMORE 06.3


8 thoughts on “OCTOMORE 06.3

  1. Wow thanks for the high praise! I am honored. You should compare the Octomore 6.3 review with the Octo-X review. I think you will enjoy it.

    I also aspire to being to being a writer. Check out my Short Stories and The Nudist War (unfinished and currently on hiatus)


    1. Is that like a humorous version of the Pushcart War? 😛 and do you do counterfactual/alternate history at all?
      I don’t aspire to be a writer. You can here see that I have written words, which you, a man whom I have never met, are writing! Voila! Result! And other such things. Ich bin ein Wyrdmeister! But I do aspire to get paid, and that’s why the blog :p


    1. I’ve never had Bruichladdich. Ill definitely check my local store — maybe they can get me some cheap stuff. I’ve had Ardbeg 10 — I like it but I want some variation, get the full picture on Islay. Only problem is I’ve got a recent issue of New Mexico Magazine here, and some local distilleries for everything from whisky to gin, as well as bitters have come to my attention. And when I go up to Santa Fe at the end of the month I’m splurging the same amount on more than one bottle, plus a hotel at a similar price :p

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