The foundation of cooking as both art and a spiritual exercise is the development of set of skills.
Some of them are as basic as boiling water, the difference between frying, deep frying, and sautéing, or how and why you cut the food you are preparing. Others are a bit more complex, how to put together a recipe, how that recipe nourishes you on all levels, and how it can contribute to your health and healing. Then there are levels that only a few will want to explore. The way the attitude and intent of the cook effects the food. How the setting and atmosphere of the meal influences how it nourishes us on many levels.
I will begin with a very basic recipe that offers endless opportunities for variations. Then we will explore some of those variations. How some of the variations provide food as medicine. Then finally talk about some of the more spiritual approaches.
As you can imagine this is going to take several posts. Questions comments and all input is always welcome.


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