Last Call (Drafts like Nighthawks, Drafts On Tap…)

I literally cannot post anymore tonight. I have underslept, and quite possibly overdreamed. I am not even hungry for dinner, for conquest, for consumption, for the rapaciousness of creativity in its purest form, or of the stamina required to channel, which may be needed for one particular piece.

I dearly hope my hard drive does not fail in the morning. Or in the next few months. It is quite possibly a real risk. Then again, there is an existential risk of a trip to Santa Fe for my second anniversary, and that is a done deal.

K…coming attractions. There was a “break my writer’s block” contest on Facebook and certain PMs. I have picked four prompts: The Sound of Silence and its relevance to contemporary America, from McKell Butler; Columbus, from Doreen Tankersley, the 2016 Presidential Election, from Chris Page, and whether or not it is possible to speak of Enlightenment while remaining enlightened and that whole tar baby from Anders at /r/sots and related endeavors; and Helter Skelter from *CMG* on Facebook about overlapping realities and their effects on the consciousness-industrial complex. God that last term is genius. Sleep dep fu fpr the WIN i tell ya what. I have a feeling these will all be one Megazord Voltron post…you know me. If I’m too tired to write, I’m too tired to be. It’ll get done, and it’ll probably be amazing. 😀

Also, I have offered Chris Page a beat writing job. 2000 words on any topic he pleases by September 25th at 5 PM Central Daylight Time. He’s also a writer. He’s fourteen. He’s mini-me. He is going to publish or by God I’ll make him perish. So prepare to offer him a warm welcome as he joins the people who do…whatever it is we do here. We do it well, if today is any indication. Life is good, and I’ve enjoyed today. The harvest of twenty years is coming and it’s awesome.

As always, there will be at least one House That Jack Built draft excerpt coming by tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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