GOTTERWANDERUNG (Teaser Trailer 1)

“A ray of sun has pierced the frozen sky, from New Berlin in German Wisconsin to New Braunfels in German Texas. A people without a heritage, without number, extend across the continent of America, bringing scientific knowledge and technical expertise with them, and greater lessons still. A people without a country who not ten years ago sought living space have found it. If they have their thousand years, it is at the price of freedom. A price worth paying.

We in America have a heritage. We extend malice toward none and charity toward all, whatever the cost. This has not been without emotional struggle on the part of a free people who believed a century of united nations awaited them. But had we been able to avoid the Seven Days War, and also won the Second World War conclusively, no one would be speaking German right now. I once had friends who personally were able to convey to me in their own voices what this meant for their people. But so the wind blows. I believe I speak for all of us, in Corpus Christi, in Chicago, in Philadelphia, in Pasadena, in Juneau and Honolulu and Canaveral and all points west, when I say that whatever we felt before 1950…we are all Berliners. As my predecessor used to say, the Buck stops here. With us. Never again.”

— President Benjamin West at the unveiling of the MX-774 “Minuteman” program, Reese Air Force Base, July 17, 1952.


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