This is certainly something.


We’ve won the internet, team!


6 thoughts on “This is certainly something.

    1. Interesting ideas. Grain of salt, but covers fields I find interesting in ways no one else does, and probably in ways no one else is willing to. I don’t hold him responsible for the entire movement the media says he represents, we have significant disagreements on a number of issues higher than the playing field he’s working with, and we likely would not get along as people. But his ideas are worth hearing. He’s a lot like Sandifer that way.

      It’s interesting that Phil didn’t get excited about being on the same blogroll as a Mormon fundamentalist and pro-polygamy activist lol. He and I also have our differences. Takes all kinds, and it should. Think of the chaos one hyperlink has caused! It’s fun 😀


      1. He’s also very tongue in cheek. I could go back over the entire blog and find what his actual positions on those issues are, but suffice to say that I’ve got oh…Ribbon Farm on there…I have like three or four leftists and one Moldbug. There’s a common theme. Why does it bother you?


  1. Certainly my unease about sharing a blogroll with him is that I think his positions are both ethically bankrupt and poorly argued. He’s unequivocally racist, generally in a really tedious way. I’d call it unthinking, careless racism, but that’s actually its worst problem: it’s a carefully considered racism propped up by blatantly cherry-picked science that was clearly actively sought out in order to confirm his more instinctive racism. And his readings of primary sources are just shit; contextless and undercooked banalities that are almost always sorely mistaken about how interesting they are. Worse, though, is his appallingly shortsighted view that the goal of the state should be to turn a profit, which is the sort of intellectual premise that deserves a spit-take and a rapidly closed browser tab.

    I should also note he’s the only other writer on the blogroll I’m familiar with, largely because, as I’ve mentioned in one or two places, I’m doing a book on neoreaction. (Indeed, I’m leaving this comment as a distraction from a bit about “How Dawkins Got Pwned.”) So LDS Anarchy, fascinating as it sounds, isn’t something I know much about.

    Anyway, interesting place you’ve got here. 🙂

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