Author Page Now On Facebook!

For those of you who always wanted more of me, my work, and other things I find absolutely worthy of my time and yours (subject to cross-temporal chronostrategic full-spectrum analysis and other timey-wimey gobbledygook, as well as getting off my butt and going outside) we now offer a Facebook page, which can be found right here!

Also, if you’re not interested in WordPress follows, this will be a good location for you to keep abreast of updates. No one seems to know email follows exist, so…not sure what’s up with that, but this should help. MOM THIS MEANS YOU!

I have no shame. 😀

Also, I woke up at 7:45 AM this morning to ride forth and do battle with my bank in the saga of my tragic but heroic attempt to close my account…the car is now in the shop due to brake issues and hopefully only brake issues, I’ve been dealing with a mess involving my new computer I’ve ordered, and it took me until noon to eat breakfast. So I’ve not had energy for any new content to throw at you guys today. My aniracetams have arrived, though, so you can expect a flurry of activity tomorrow. Thanks for reading, and as always be aware that our blogroll is only a place for the most dangerous weirdos, and so is our comments section. After all, you’re in my company.
Flip side, team!


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