TEX: The Testimony of Lead

This is the first in a series. When I last attempted the Enochian Aethyrs, I was 22 and a virgin. Elements of my vision work from that time period have since come true in the material plane, others have been proven to be psychologically apt. I have not returned to scrying the Aethyrs for six years. In that time, I have lost my virginity, changed jobs twice, and gotten married. I have grown immeasurably and am now a member of the LDS Church and the Mormon faith.

I have little to gain from hiding any aspect of the work that I do and everything to gain from speaking the truth plainly. My main complaint about modern occultism is that “sacred” and “secret” are filthy rags we use to hide our own unwillingness to do the work in public. Doing the work in public will invariably mean public embarrassment due to fuckups or ideas that interrupt the group mind. As this blog has numerous and diverse audiences, the risk from this will be greater. We therefore shall present our testimony more clearly and more fully, that we be a light unto the nations and a city on a hill.

Previous workings in this vein on other blogs actually did censor to a certain extent. No amount of prurient shame can prevent that if DOING THE WORK IN PUBLIC is to be our Will. Publish or perish. If you see something in the record that indicates it has been redacted, blame the spiritual weakness of the mind and Will of the Operator. All that is has been laid bare.

This record will follow the following format, in an attempt to provide transparency and utility. First, the magical record excerpt itself, in bold. Second, analysis and further notes in plaintext beneath. I’m considering annotations but I feel they would break the flow of the text.

We will now begin.


Enochian Notes: 2022 08222016 TEX

Depressed cycle, rising. Local weather windy, cloudy, no rain. Linda good health, pain and attitude manageable. Animals perturbed, cause unknown. Ether quiet. 2043: correction — Linda hit by drain, causing near microsleep drops in energy and mood circa 1700 when leaving house.

The purpose of this operation is to approach the Aethyrs from a Mormon Hermetic framework. I am by my own testimony a fundamentalist involved in heresy and in opposition to the corporation of the President. I have not been endowed. I have recently drunk and do work with Goetia on occasion, my sexual preferences are unusual compared to those around me. I do not expect any of this to effect the way I am received in TEX.


Hungry. Not sure if this is the best time to go in. I am unnecessarily delaying. Time to rock this. Preliminary research done.

It’s good to be keeping a magical record again.

My method will be to vibrate the call, then address the governors in plain English. Credentials will only be used if necessary.

There will now be a pause to download the end credits theme from Blade Runner.

2043: download not immediately forthcoming. We are go for TAI.

2044: init call TAI.

2055: first report. Aethyr still active have been given recess. Head of a bull — this is Chesapeake (CHK energy stock I’m invested in). Head is made of lead or pewter. Heavy. Solid. Offered steak and buttered mashed potatoes. Butter runs like lava. Melting me. “when a man is made of lead gold must defile him.” other imagery already slipping, point being my material focus has fucked me up somewhat badly. I take my power back. Anointed by hand on brow. I am told to look at the map, dropping with no chute onto island. I insist on a sundial. Blinding. Light everywhere. Wrist sundial dumb. Choose map instead. X marks spot on island. It also has a pointer like a wand — not x then. Aim toward it. Land. Can feel thump in feet and legs. House near, spring of water. So familiar. Definitely TEX.


House gives way to forest. There is always a forest. Deep, dark growing it surrounds. Time to go in I am told. No. I want to drink the water. Music syncing well. In The End, Battlelore, Zombie — what lurks on Channel x.

I lower a dipper. Water full of starlight. I almost fall in but pull the water to me instead. I drink. It is like fire. Acid.

I have learned all that can be learned, I am told. The molten light is still present in my throat. It may have infiltrated my Mountain Dew. “by this sign of NOX I diminish you” — check last result by Priesthood of Melchizedek which I hold. Ask No More — Pentagram playing.


Where? She’s goofy.


Should I continue?

BY THE GRACE OF GOD WHICH YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN THIS DAY RETURN TO YOUR BODY. BE WELL BE LOVED. A G A P E vision of a glowing golden omega, paired with an alpha off screen. Dark Tranquillity – The New Build.

2108 close with thanksgiving and prayer.

I am convinced I am regaining my baptism of fire. The bronze body and molten gold are again present. Curiously, this element matches the “mech suit” visions of 2010. Get in the robot Shinji indeed. I will write this up in more detail and upload it to my blog soon – perhaps waiting for a second result to compare and test. Everything checks out — I am clearly in the Enochian land, only better equipped and more informed. This should be great.

2112 addendum: oddly, no Mormon themes to vision at all. This may be irrelevant as it was a Mormon understanding that gave the work its present thunder.

I did not record it, but from about 2045 on I was engaging in research, dedicatory prayer and charging. This is some of the best success I’ve had in years. There is very little new content — the fact that I have retreated into material concerns is both a source of shame and of pride. I guess that’s growing up. But this felt like ME — like the old self that was a wizard without much else to do and better for it. The motif of the body seems to match with the inner psychic landscape — what’s interesting is that Enochian work draws on the same imagery and types already established. Advorpt is a blond version of the big sister archetype that has followed me for so long — chiding but humorous, guiding. I still do not know what lurks in the forest — I can only assume it’s a test. Maybe different ones, as the imagery doesn’t change much But what makes Enochian fascinating is the fact that it is literally hardcoded — this required no effort of any kind. I believe it will enable further forays under my own power. It’s a good system to work with when processing back into a magical mindset — and the training and theory I’ve done has left the marks of that world on me. World, Well and Body — all one. The same operation traverses and shapes all three.
Well, this is certainly an unqualified success. It is raising questions in my mind about the objectivity of all phenomena — certainly the astral is objective, and magick in certain senses is concretely objective like a mechanical tool (with instant results and clarity and coherence of form), but do the Aethyrs simply access the same “real places” one goes elsewhere? That’s one of my goals, is to find out. How much of the imagery here has ever been me? Most would tell you that Enochian processes what you already have and uses it to work with real Forms and Forces — I am becoming less sure of that. I think it’s an “outer court” interpretation of the experience of scrying or projection.
Another long term goal here is to determine in what respects Enochiana and Mormonism are simply parts of the same tech frame, or perhaps manifestations of the same experience. I’m beginning to realize that Enochian really works for magick in the same way that Mormonism really works for religion. And I am reminded of my thoughts about Mormonism as an American psychogeography, thinking on the aethyrs. If there is some unified system I will eventually find it, of that I am certain. But right now I understand more about the magick underwear and the endowments (excuse me, temple garments lol) than people who have been through them do.
OH. At about 2046 interpolate: test of governors — they ask for a word. I know which one they mean — rack my brain for it. MAHONI. They part in recognition. It’s a Mormon word in the language of the Nephites. I do not know what it means but it seems to satisfy them. Also, before the skyjump I am spinning in space — dock with the space station orbiting the planet. This is also a known hardspace location. Then I am called to jump down. This seems to reflect my very performative insecurity about the last few years of magical work and lack thereof — so much has happened. I am often unsure but now I will not be.
Was something else I wanted to add. If I remember it I will denote the edit and continue inline.
Thanks for reading!

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