Tactical magick? Intelligence?

I was once asked by a redditor, doubtless dedicated to brave inquiry and speaking truth to power, why this blog was called what it is. Where’s the tactical magick, he said? Where’s the intelligence? If it’s just a blog why is there no…I don’t know what the lad wanted. A battle plan? An enemies list? Some idea which way the bullets were coming from?

It is with an eye to similar concerns that I wrote the following, originally as a Facebook post.

There are two important rules to consider when supporting an unpopular ideology with real world effects:

1) anyone who doesn’t do anythingopenly and brag about it online is dead weight and will either subvert or bail at the first sign of trouble, which is actually worse.
2) anyone who suggests doingsomethingoffline is a fed. Anyone who claims to have done something offline is a dangerous madman who needs to be physically removed from society, so to speak, before he hurts someone misrepresenting your ideas.

I hope this clarifies. This armchair is playing hell on my back, so I’m gonna go eat brownies. Hail Victory and Who She Found Here.


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