SSC Endorses Clinton, Johnson, Or Stein | Slate Star Codex

A common event in history is people predicting the apocalypse at a certain date. They are nearly always wrong. There  are 365 opportunities a year to get the Second Coming wrong and only one to get it right, maximum. As such, history is full of such predictions. Usually laughable things made by bipolar science fiction writing occultists that other bipolar science fiction writing occultists rationalize into being true. 

Now. Those long time readers we value here so highly will have deduced where I’m going with this. To wit: to frame a mere presidential election as the Millennium come round, and its dark horse populist as the Last Trump (as we have here), and then (as we have not here, because it’s bananas) to predict that the end times will not fall on a certain date given that framing, and then browbeat a manic street preacher into making a bet with you to that effect, and agree to it at five to one odds? 

this takes a rationalist, a utilitarian power gamer, an advocate of spotting black swans before they spot you. this takes a genius and a communicator of unique genius. this takes Scott Alexander. 

Comment below and I’ll give you my PayPal now, Scott. 


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