Woooo! Published and paid!

Big milestone. Yeah, it’s only six bucks so far, and it’s Amazon Kindle, but it’s good.

In fact, this story was never posted on this blog, and I think most readers here would like it if they’ve been fond of my fiction. It’s called Magnificent Desolation. The other story was here, and it has been deleted to remain compliant with Kindle Selects policies — that’s Saturn Return.

I’m very proud of this and those of you who have followed my writing — really followed it — know how much this means to me. I prefer fiction over nonfiction, and success over drama. These are kind of similar sentiments, so that’s not surprising, I guess.

Also, we’ve opened a Facebook author page again after dealing with the recent ban. That can be found here. Some of you may have actually noticed that page had been taken down — I know we had a clickthrough but I hadn’t fixed it. What had happened was I was operating it under an obviously fake and silly name on my profile — Facebook decided fun is not allowed. We’re back, and we’re still fun.

Similar fun can be found at our Patreon. Throw us a bone, if you feel so inclined. (Do I need to drop the Royal We? Shit, I guess it’s like asking if I need to drop the fireside chat/morning talk radio patter when updating a loyal core I probably don’t have. Who cares? I do, at any rate. Love you guys.)




8 thoughts on “Woooo! Published and paid!

  1. LOL, I tried the old gmail one I have from you. Hope it still works. Can’t you watch the details of the comments? I had to add an email here and thought you can see it.

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