Hey! My name is Jon Page. I am 27, married to a wonderful 63-year-old and fellow magician, and currently resid in Portales, New Mexico utterly surrounded by cats. I am the proud alpha male to two wolf hybrid pups and a red heeler/pit cross. I am a Christian eclectic magician who likes Aleister Crowley, Joseph Smith, Jack Parsons, drinks all the booze, says fuck a lot, and doesn’t afraid of anything. I like Doctor Who, Star Wars, Terminator, heavy metal, and space exploration (particularly the Apollo and Gemini and MOL programs)…and of course science fiction and heavy music of all kinds, from Heinlein to Perturbator. There’s an aesthetic here, and it is alternate history and transreal timelessness. We cultivate it like cholla, green chiles and the Andromeda Strain.

This blog is both a magical laboratory and a repository for fiction projects of all kinds, and part of a vast transmedia empire that shall bring about a new age of liberty for all humans, just before their robot masters descend upon Washington, DC…ahem. Something in the wire here. *shakes* There. Anyway, we’re gonna get real crazy here. I am pursuing a career in fiction, toying with a consulting magician gig (if you need a wizard or a burglar or a bounty hunter, just plink a quarter on the gas can there, no case too small, and discretion is reserved under Thelemic law!), and just signed up for fall bowling league tonight. I figure I can average 100 per game, without handicaps, if I work hard enough. I have a stalker…she’s real interesting. We’re looking at taking a second wife in adherence to the principle of plural marriage, though…so…lol. I’m deeply excited for Doctor Who Season 9 and Iron Maiden’s Book of Souls, which I gotta fire up the torrents tomorrow for. I love the Chicago Cubs…we are going all the way this year, I’m serious.

The wife and I recently binge-watched Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and we are about as high on that trip as we are on Doctor Who, so I figured why not combine the two? And so I wrote a fanfic virtual series….am writing, actually, that basically uses the intrusion of the Doctor into the 1999 TSCC timeframe to jump to 2005 and create a new timeline, where Born to Run basically serves as a template pilot episode and as such we get right down to continuing the show, because it was just getting started after developing the raw materials for a real corker of an arc when it got canceled. FOX seems to have a business model of two-season science fiction shows with incredible potential lol. They canceled Firefly after one, then TSCC after two and went with Dollhouse…not that I’m beefing with Whedon but Terminator was better lol. Anyway, digressions and totally not a si(e)gi(o)l aside, here’s a link to the fanfic on Archive Of Our Own. Next two posts will be the same episodes, fiction fragments and completed works of all types may follow. I swear I’ll just dump my Google Drive folder in here and finish when I feel like it lol.

OH AND. Made a Tumblr tonight to explore the same ideas in a different form. Check that out here. https://www.tumblr.com/blog/nopastbutwhatwemake

And, to reward you for reading this unholy hybrid of Proust, Parsons and Cameron (James, but also her lol), here is the link to the Terminator Fights Doctor Who craziness mentioned earlier. You know you love me already, and I think I love you back. So follow and I’ll try to show it! Doctor Who & The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Adventures


(Placeholder copy of original blog post, written September 4, 2015)


If you wanna hang, wanna beef, or just wanna O HAI at me, but don’t wanna steal my bourbon, hit me up at jbro dot stf at gmail dot com, alternately add me on Facebook with the same email address. And yes, it’s supposed to be Jon InSpaec :p

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