Death Is For Other People: Doctor Who S09E01 “The Magician’s Apprentice” — A Wizard’s Eye Review

There is a school of thought that God enacts his covenants with his people by remembering them, in a sort of stable time loop. I don’t remember where I first heard about it, but it makes so much sense that I have decided to open with that thought. Gnostic status: Three diphenhydramine 50 mg for […]

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Lifelong Dirtbag: The Eternal Importance Of Iron Maiden (essay) This made me tear up. It’s rare lately to find a piece of writing that does that. I’m tired today. I’ve been stressed. This is the feeling I want to bring you guys through my work. But sometimes it has to come to me first. That’s why I’m sharing it with you.

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Food: A Sacramental Sharing

Introducing a new feature, on request from you, our readers! My wife, Linda, will be doing a series on food, New Mexican culture, kitchen witchery, and whatever else comes to mind, as it happens! Now often she has really lame thoughts like “Stop trolling people on Facebook!” or “Do you have to be so darn […]

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Can a Secular Nation Ever Exist?

I think a more interesting question is whether or not even a government comprised completely of say…a decision-making friendly AI with complete executive power, broad-spectrum data mining so it needn’t be dependent on human opinions, and a few human minders to execute its directives and mind LEObots and other mechanical personnel at the local and […]

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“If there is anything that the Kim Davis issue has proven, it is that bureaucracy is an enemy of the people.” This thought ran through my head, then condensed itself to the foregoing string of text for Facebook audiences. I resolved to make a blog post about it the moment I had the thought an […]

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