The House That Jack Built VI

If I hadn’t written this I would troll it in the comments. It’s obtuse, tries to pack in far too much information into one chapter, is by turns far too on the nose and far too up its own ass with “subtle” dialogue…but I’m proud of it anyway. It just needs an edit. If you […]

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Gotterwanderung: Timeline (Draft)

June 24, 1948: Soviet blockade of Berlin begins. June 25, 1948-October 31, 1948: Berlin Airlift commences. American intelligence begins funding proxy resistance groups, composed of students, various members of Protestant and Mormon sects, and rearmed Nazis. These organizations are given all possible aid to reestablish access to Berlin as the airlift continues. November 1, 1948: […]

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The House That Jack Built: Chapter III (The Working, Through A Glass Shattered)

1946 Mirage a Trois CAMERON I suppose it’s only fair that I tell my story first. You figured this was no ordinary book already. Pulp science fiction alternate history, yes. Artistically minded metafiction with an occult subtext, yes. But you’re still giving names to things. Like BABALON. Anyways, you don’t care about that. You don’t […]

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