Woooo! Published and paid!

Big milestone. Yeah, it’s only six bucks so far, and it’s Amazon Kindle, but it’s good. In fact, this story was never posted on this blog, and I think most readers here would like it if they’ve been fond of my fiction. It’s called Magnificent Desolation. The other story was here, and it has been […]

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Tactical magick? Intelligence?

I was once asked by a redditor, doubtless dedicated to brave inquiry and speaking truth to power, why this blog was called what it is. Where’s the tactical magick, he said? Where’s the intelligence? If it’s just a blog why is there no…I don’t know what the lad wanted. A battle plan? An enemies list? Some […]

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epistemic status: Blood and Gasoline    I have been asked by the good folk at SlateStarCodex’s subreddit (Scott Alexander sure has his supporters, no matter how much he deserves the fight he started) to harden up my case a little bit and make the bet more attractive to Scott so he will participate. Given that […]

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Author Page Now On Facebook!

For those of you who always wanted more of me, my work, and other things I find absolutely worthy of my time and yours (subject to cross-temporal chronostrategic full-spectrum analysis and other timey-wimey gobbledygook, as well as getting off my butt and going outside) we now offer a Facebook page, which can be found right here! […]

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Man In The Box

On the one hand, I am extremely happy with Doctor Who tonight. I was looking forward to reviewing every episode this season, and the last two have been very, very good. I’ve been busy so I haven’t had time to sit down, re-watch each one and compose a review. But on the other hand I’m […]

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