SSC Endorses Clinton, Johnson, Or Stein | Slate Star Codex A common event in history is people predicting the apocalypse at a certain date. They are nearly always wrong. There  are 365 opportunities a year to get the Second Coming wrong and only one to get it right, maximum. As such, history is full of such predictions. Usually laughable things made by bipolar science […]

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Tactical magick? Intelligence?

I was once asked by a redditor, doubtless dedicated to brave inquiry and speaking truth to power, why this blog was called what it is. Where’s the tactical magick, he said? Where’s the intelligence? If it’s just a blog why is there no…I don’t know what the lad wanted. A battle plan? An enemies list? Some […]

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Rogue One Title Cracked! 

​It actually does have to do with Rogue Squadron. Rogue One is the call sign for a rogue planet, which is discovered through some means by the Rebel Alliance. They find out what it really is, of course. Red Squadron blows it up in A New Hope, becoming Rogue Squadron as a way of remembering […]

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We’re apparently a bipolar activism and professional Internet wrestling blog now. Fuck. Call it between 8 AM and 8 PM central time. Tell them you saw the Facebook post, and that Joshua Posey last listed his workplace as their graveyard shift, and you think he doesn’t need to be working with the mentally ill if he’s going to say things like that. Ask for whatever they […]

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Shared from WordPress

War Speech- DOCTOR WHO – I don’t necessarily agree with the content of the speech from the Zygon Inversion (and I need to post about that, actually)…but I do believe if we all watched Doctor Who everything would be more okay. It’s a mess out there, okay. The churches are doing worse and contributing […]

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