Woooo! Published and paid!

Big milestone. Yeah, it’s only six bucks so far, and it’s Amazon Kindle, but it’s good. In fact, this story was never posted on this blog, and I think most readers here would like it if they’ve been fond of my fiction. It’s called Magnificent Desolation. The other story was here, and it has been […]

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Blame Canada!

I’d like to thank my most dedicated readers in America’s hat for making this blog what it is. You most of all have encouraged me to go for broke and publish, because apparently Canadians will read anything! You don’t get to burn the White House in the German timeline, at least not yet, but I’m […]

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Freedom from Heaven – Prologue

Introducing our newest guest writer, aspiring fiction author, now in amateur print for the first time in history, not self-published….CHRIS PAGE! He’s looking for a career and a boost, and given that he’s a mini-me with considerable raw, unformed talent, I thought I’d introduce him to you all. Actually, he’s my pet project. Let us […]

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Hell’s Club

I found this on the WordPress blog Late to the Theater (see previous post)    ANTONIO MARIA DA SILVA AMDSFILMS Source: Hell’s Club   Wow. This is awesome. A very good narrative flow…hard to do with that many characters and separate films. Somewhere out there Tech Noir is a real place, in our astral imagination that […]

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