Lifelong Dirtbag: The Eternal Importance Of Iron Maiden (essay) This made me tear up. It’s rare lately to find a piece of writing that does that. I’m tired today. I’ve been stressed. This is the feeling I want to bring you guys through my work. But sometimes it has to come to me first. That’s why I’m sharing it with you.

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I must get this. I really must. Problem is, my budget can’t fit it for a while. Oh well…that’s what this blog is for :p You have got to see the blog I’ve linked on this post and that Hell’s Club video btw. This Contrafactual fellow is a constant gold mine, as far as I […]

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Trump Is Right on Economics – Here at Orion Tactical Magick, we do not endorse thinkers, events or the accelerationist robotic servitors that embody those events or thinkers. We post this Paul Krugman article to note simply that the liberal establishment is incapable of delivering substantial reasons the average American ought not to vote for Donald Trump, and that their […]

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