‘Flower of Cities All’

http://runesoup.com/2015/12/flower-of-cities-all/ It is this particular attack of the materialists that is the underlying structure of the wider divide et imperia approach currently being dialled up to 11: your memories, yourexperiences are unreliable, invalidated. THIS is what’s really going on. Here at Orion, our goal is to make this absolutely, inescapably clear. And by doing so, we shall imagine a hundred byways and ratlines into […]

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5 Ways Creative Peoples’ Brains Mess With Their Heads | Cracked.com

http://http://www.cracked.com/blog/5-ways-your-brain-tricks-you-into-not-being-creative/ This is an excellent article, far above Cracked’s usual drivel and silliness. I’m having an inspired day and it appears the rest of the world is too. You know what? Bus Stabber Jim’s tale is a perfect example of how writers with a magical bent hunt down their tales. No one ever had a […]

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