Food: A Sacramental Sharing

Introducing a new feature, on request from you, our readers! My wife, Linda, will be doing a series on food, New Mexican culture, kitchen witchery, and whatever else comes to mind, as it happens! Now often she has really lame thoughts like “Stop trolling people on Facebook!” or “Do you have to be so darn […]

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“Jealous. Plankton Envying the Ocean That Holds Them.” The implications here are interesting. I hear Gordon saying there is no knowledge, only communion…but how does that apply to putting things in circles, or even encircling eddies of communion with intent?: My take is that it changes depending on whether you’re a plankton or a fish. But then, I’m into nuns like that. […]

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So excited for these books.

Omni Reboot interview with Mike Jenne, author of Blue Gemini I’ve thought for a long time that Blue Gemini would be a great concept to do a techno-thriller and alternative history story about. Especially with the aeonic, Phildickian nature of all truly great alternate history. In fact, you’ll notice most of my draft work posted […]

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Eternity Never Faileth

Well, I have got my hands on an MP3 copy of Iron Maiden’s new album The Book of Souls. I’m listening all the way through before I go track by track. Only reason I didn’t buy the deluxe edition 2-CD was that they didn’t seem to be able to guarantee auto-rip with Amazon, it’s not […]

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Hey! My name is Jon Page. I am 27, married to a wonderful 63-year-old and fellow magician, and currently resid in Portales, New Mexico utterly surrounded by cats. I am the proud alpha male to two wolf hybrid pups and a red heeler/pit cross. I am a Christian eclectic magician who likes Aleister Crowley, Joseph […]