epistemic status: Blood and Gasoline    I have been asked by the good folk at SlateStarCodex’s subreddit (Scott Alexander sure has his supporters, no matter how much he deserves the fight he started) to harden up my case a little bit and make the bet more attractive to Scott so he will participate. Given that […]

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‘Flower of Cities All’

http://runesoup.com/2015/12/flower-of-cities-all/ It is this particular attack of the materialists that is the underlying structure of the wider divide et imperia approach currently being dialled up to 11: your memories, yourexperiences are unreliable, invalidated. THIS is what’s really going on. Here at Orion, our goal is to make this absolutely, inescapably clear. And by doing so, we shall imagine a hundred byways and ratlines into […]

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Can a Secular Nation Ever Exist?

I think a more interesting question is whether or not even a government comprised completely of say…a decision-making friendly AI with complete executive power, broad-spectrum data mining so it needn’t be dependent on human opinions, and a few human minders to execute its directives and mind LEObots and other mechanical personnel at the local and […]

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Trump Is Right on Economics – NYTimes.com

http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/09/07/opinion/paul-krugman-trump-is-right-on-economics.html?referrer Here at Orion Tactical Magick, we do not endorse thinkers, events or the accelerationist robotic servitors that embody those events or thinkers. We post this Paul Krugman article to note simply that the liberal establishment is incapable of delivering substantial reasons the average American ought not to vote for Donald Trump, and that their […]

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If You Can’t Make Predictions, You’re Still In A Crisis | Slate Star Codex

http://slatestarcodex.com/2015/09/05/if-you-cant-make-predictions-youre-still-in-a-crisis/ Scientific study designs and psychology. Know Thyself. It’s literally the only way to avoid this mess. On the other hand, that’s the actual issue. Strange loops comprised of cognitive bias and its failure to be reflected by universally repeatable design, turning into cybernetic feedback systems, slowly eating the world. This is part of everything […]

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“If there is anything that the Kim Davis issue has proven, it is that bureaucracy is an enemy of the people.” This thought ran through my head, then condensed itself to the foregoing string of text for Facebook audiences. I resolved to make a blog post about it the moment I had the thought an […]

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Hey! My name is Jon Page. I am 27, married to a wonderful 63-year-old and fellow magician, and currently resid in Portales, New Mexico utterly surrounded by cats. I am the proud alpha male to two wolf hybrid pups and a red heeler/pit cross. I am a Christian eclectic magician who likes Aleister Crowley, Joseph […]